Set out on a crazy monkey-fueled adventure through a world of popping balloons! You are about to become the general of your own little ape army as you try to fend off the troops of ominous Bloons that are attacking the jungle. Planning out your defenses, you need to consider the trajectories of their movements and balance various types of units along these paths. It’s wacky, it’s fun, and it’s just plain addictive!

Lead your monkeys into the fight!

The game starts with you as a cute little monkey armed with darts, and your mission is to pop all the balloons before they reach the end of the path. And these are not just your common balloons like the ones you bring home from a trip to a theme park or buy for your birthday party. They are equipped for a fight, and a fight is what you’re about to get all right in this game!

Your enemies come in different varieties, and learning all about their strong and weak sides can give you a serious edge as you decide what kind of monkey towers to put here and there. From exploding balloons to balloons that split into smaller ones, there’s never a dull moment on this deceivingly merry-colored battlefield. And just when you think you’ve sorted everything out and the outcome is already decided in your favor, something new and crazy comes along to mess up with your agenda!

Pop all those Bloons and defend the jungle!

But fear not, because Bloons Tower Defense has got your back. The game is designed to help you pop all those evil Bloons and become the ultimate monkey dart champion. You can upgrade your monkey towers, unlock new ones, and even bring in some ape magic like throwing fireballs or snowballs to freeze our foes on the spot.

Figuring out how exactly position your monkey warriors on the battlegrounds is a big deal. You have to know your troops inside out and be capable of predicting the run of the combat, even if just a little. After all, that’s what generals are there for! You need to have a sharp eye, quick thinking and a true passion for popping balloons.

As you progress through the game, the range of monkey warriors you’ll be able to hire will keep growing, and the levels will get more complicated, with more paths your enemies can take to reach your defense line. They will also get stronger and stronger, and they will come in new, more dangerous types. So embark on the amazing Bloons adventure and enjoy the thrill of the battle, even though it looks like a bright and cheerful jungle cartoon!

Bloons Tower Defense

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