Monkeys are claimed to be almost as intelligent as humans. And what is a better way to check if that’s true than watching them wage wars? To win a war, you need both strategic skills and tactical cunning, you have to be handy with various weapons, and you have to be capable of working as a team, sticking to a plan outline in advance – and also improvising in the process if something goes wrong. The brave apes in Bloons TD 6 Daily Challenge are ready to follow your lead ad prove that they are no worse than the best of the special forces!

All kinds of monkey units for epic battles!

The game belongs to the genre of tower defense which means you’ll have to protect a map from the enemies striving to pass through by placing your units (or towers) in tactically advantageous spots. And there are plenty of towers in Bloons TD 6 Daily Challenge to check out! Let’s start with the classic Dart Monkey. This little guy is armed with a trusty dart and is great for taking out those pesky balloons. But don’t let his simplicity fool you, because with the right upgrades, he can become a popping powerhouse!

Then comes the Bomb Shooter. This tower is perfect for taking out those tough clusters of balloons with a big bomb. And if that’s not enough, you can upgrade it to shoot out even more bombs, or even turn them into napalm for some extra explosions. And of course, you can’t go anywhere without the Tack Shooter. This tower shoots out a flurry of tacks, taking out balloons left and right. It can even shoot out razor-sharp blades or boomerangs for some serious popping action.

Unlock more towers as you progress!

But the real craziness comes in with some of the more unique towers. Take the Ice Monkey for instance. This unit shoots out icy blasts, freezing balloons in their tracks. Once you upgrade it, prepare a deadly snowstorm or freeze entire groups of enemies at once!

And if you are longing for some massive action, here comes the Monkey Ace, which flies around the map shooting out darts and dropping bombs. Say nothing of the Monkey Buccaneer, which is essentially a pirate ship with a monkey crew. This tower can shoot out cannonballs or even a giant grappling hook to reel in balloons.

As you can see, there are more than enough monkey tower types to choose from in Bloons. With their help, you will certainly drive those nasty balloons out of your home jungle and keep living happily ever after! So plunge right in, it’s going to be fascinating and fun!

Bloons TD 6 Daily Challenge

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