Welcome to the ultimate tower defense quest of Bloons TD! This game is all about monkey towers taking on waves of balloons, but the battles themselves are filled with all sorts of crazy antics and popping power. Your task is to place all the units right on the battlefield, sit back and watch the action. Let’s get started!

Pick your towers and discover their special abilities!

First things first, you gotta choose your towers. Do you go with the classic Dart Monkey or the explosive Bomb Shooter? Maybe you’re feeling wild and go for the Monkey Ace or the Monkey Buccaneer. Whatever your choice, make sure you’re ready for lots of action and lots of explosions!

Once the battle begins, balloons will start coming at you in waves. Each wave gets harder and harder, so you gotta make sure your towers are up to the challenge. You can also earn cash by taking down your enemies, which you can use to buy new towers or upgrade your existing ones.

But the real fun comes in with the special abilities. Each tower has its own unique ability that can be activated during the battle. Maybe you activate the Super Monkey’s laser vision or the Tack Shooter’s blade storm. Or maybe you use the Ice Monkey’s snowstorm to freeze all the balloons on the screen. And let’s not forget about the special abilities of the heroes. These monkey heroes have their own unique powers that can turn the tide of battle. For instance, you can use the ninja monkey’s smoke bomb to slow down the balloons or the phoenix’s fireball to take out a whole group at once.

Take down every single balloon, including the bosses!

But don’t think it’s all easy-peasy popping. The balloons get tougher and tougher as you progress, with some even having nasty tricks of their own. It’s not a piece of pie dealing with a camo balloon that’s invisible to most towers, or a lead balloon that’s immune to explosions.

And if that’s not enough, there are also boss battles! That’s right, you’ll have to take on massive balloons with tons of health and some serious powers. But don’t worry, with the right towers and abilities, you can bring them down and earn a whole load of points for that.

The battles in Bloons TD are like a crazy monkey circus with explosive power to spare. With a variety of towers, heroes, and abilities, each fight turns into a unique and exciting challenge. So clench your darts and boomerangs tighter, here comes another wave!

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