Are you ready to defend your castle from an army of slimy invaders? Then welcome to this awesome game that’s gonna have you slinging slime all over the place! Here you play as the castle defender, and your goal is to stop the slimes from getting inside. You’ll need to strategically place different types of towers that will shoot at the yucky invaders as they approach.

All to the wall, slimes are coming!

But beware, these slimes are no joke. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re relentless in their quest to get inside your castle. You’ll need to upgrade your towers and use special abilities to keep them at bay. The graphics in this game are quirky and squishy, making it look like a slimy version of a medieval castle. After all, it’s tower defense, and it’s nothing short of one of those great sieges you must have read about in history books. So if you’re not afraid to get your walls and hands a little dirty, let’s turn these monsters into puddles of slime right away!

Slime Rush TD 2

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