Have you already checked out the latest version of Bloons? Things have gotten even more thrilling and insane in this version! If you wanna find out more, just start playing Bloons TD 7 this very moment and wait for some new features and content to pop up on your screen! The developers haven’t been sitting around while preparing this one, and you’ll surely be amazed with everything they’ve got to showcase!

New heroes, incredible upgrades and fantastic maps!

First up, we’ve got the introduction of monkey heroes. That’s right, you can now choose from a variety of monkey heroes, each with their own unique abilities to help you pop those wicked balloons. From a sneaky ninja monkey to a fiery phoenix, there’s no shortage of heroics in Bloons TD 7!

Along come the new tower upgrades. You can now upgrade your towers to their maximum level, unlocking all sorts of awesome new abilities and features. Think a massive wave of ice or a barrage of missiles that can all unfold on the battlefields in the latest version!

And speaking of new additions, there are also a ton of new maps to explore. From a futuristic cityscape to a haunted graveyard, you are definitely going to be full of popping adventures to while away your free time. And with each map come new challenges and obstacles to overcome, making every round feel fresh and exciting.

Check out the new mod and play co-op!

But the real game-changer in Bloons TD 7 has got to be the introduction of co-op play. That’s right, you can now team up with a friend and take on the big bad balloons together! Whether you’re strategizing as a team or just popping balloons side by side, co-op play takes the whole experience to a much more fascinating new level.

And of course you can’t leave the game without trying the new Odyssey mode. This mode takes you on a popping adventure through a series of different maps, each with their own challenges and rewards. And with the ability to save progress and continue later, the mode is the perfect way to really immerse yourself in the colorful jungle world and glorious monkey battles.

Overall, Bloons TD 7 is packed with all sorts of new and amazing features, starting with new heroes and maps and ending with co-op play and a new mode. It will really keep you staring into the screen without being able to tear yourself away for the whole weekend and maybe even longer. So if you’re ready to join the ape party and pop some balloons, download Bloons 7 and let the battle begin!

Bloons TD 7

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