Imagine that one day you wake up in your home castle, take your favorite tiny porcelain cup of coffee, go out into the balcony of the highest tower to enjoy the sun and the view – when suddenly you see an army of strange and disgusting creatures approaching! There are so many of them, and they leave some kind of an oozy trace on the road. These are the evil slimes you heard of in fairy tales! Now you have to defend your land from them, all for real!

No slime is gonna pass through!

Luckily, there is a wide assortment of towers you can use. From slime cannons to gooey catapults, you’ll have a blast trying out all the different ways to defend your castle. And you also have those awesome power-ups! Imagine sending a whole tornado across the battlefield to wipe out entire waves of slimes! However, don’t relax even if the battle seems to be won. The heinous monsters will get tougher and more numerous as you progress, and you’ll need to come up with new strategies to defeat them all. Can you do that? Let’s see playing Slime Rush TD!

Slime Rush TD

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