It was a lovely day at the jungle. Everyone was doing their business quietly and peacefully: huge butterflies were fluttering among exotic flowers, birds were getting their meal of insects from under the palm bark, and a bunch of monkeys were peeling bananas and chilling in the shade of huge tropical leaves. When suddenly there was a whole army of evil Bloons that came crashing through their home forest! The butterflies and the birds just darted, terrified by this brutal invasion. But our monkeys are not so easily scared. They are ready to defend their jungle, and you are the one to take charge of them!

Action-packed and tension-building!

The first level will be the easiest. You’ll have just one path leading through the jungle along which a thin line of balloons will be moving. Having that in mind, you have to place your monkey towers on both sides – once the enemies are within their reach, they will start shooting automatically bringing the rubber monsters down one by one. As long as you can deal with every last of them before they reach the end of the path, things are going to go fine for you. However, with every new level they will grow more and more intense, with denser and more numerous enemy waves and trickier maps allowing Bloons to take more paths deeper into the jungle.

New monkey units and more possibilities as you progress!

On the other side, your assortment of monkey towers will expand as well. Aside from basic darting apes, boomerang throwers and snipers, you’ll gain access to a whole lineup of amazing units that throw bombs, pilot planes and even sail on battle ships. The range of tactical opportunities at your disposal is quite wide, and the more you play Bloons 3D the more of them you will discover. Incredible 3D graphics, bright colors and spectacular effects will surely keep you involved for hours!

Bloons 3D

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