Do you think you have the strategic wisdom to command a whole army, even if it’s an army of monkeys? Do you know how to place your troops and maneuver them to take over an outnumbering enemy? If so, you’re going to need those skills in Bloons Battles! These little monkeys count on you. So help them protect their home jungle from the creepy balloons that invaded the tropical forest and do it with a blast!

Defend the jungle and save the monkeys!

The whole thing unfolds in a picturesque jungle landscape. There are a great number of thrilling and colorful maps to choose from, each with its own unique challenges and quirks. Some maps have twisty paths that wind through forests and mountains, while others have wide open spaces with lots of room to place your towers. And then there are water maps – those are a whole other ballgame, with unique towers like a monkey pirate ship to join the action! And of course you shouldn’t forget about the superpowers. These things can turn the course of battle in your favor, with crazy effects like lightning strikes, tornadoes, and fireballs. Plus, they just look super cool when you activate them!

Install and upgrade your towers, win level after level!

Bloons Battles has a super slick and easy-to-use interface that makes it a breeze to set up your defenses. Just drag and drop your towers onto the map, upgrade them with cool power-ups, and watch as they take down wave after wave of balloons. But it isn’t just about towers – there are also tons of other features that make Bloons a pleasure to play. You’ve got your trusty monkey money to buy new towers and upgrades. And then there’s the banana farm, which is like a little mini-game within the game. You plant banana trees and collect bananas, which you can then use to make your purchases. So get in there, set up your defenses and watch as you pop your way to victory!

Bloons TD Battles 2

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