When you think of a mighty army invading your homeland, you imagine armor-clad medieval knights, horrible zombies or some blaster-armed aliens. They are scary and powerful, and they are not to be toyed with. But that’s not always the case – as evidenced by Bloons TD 5, the danger may also come from something very innocent-looking, like a bunch of balloons! These rubber aggressors threaten the peace and quiet of the jungle, and a group of valiant monkeys decided to fight back. Under your watchful and wise command!

Demonstrate your strategic skills and the talent of a true general!

Upon launching Bloons TD 5, you’ll see a colorful map portraying a piece of a tropical forest, with its trees clustered up at the edges and a network of pathways leading through the thicket. That’s the trajectories the evil balloons are going to use trying to break through your defense line. You have to choose the right type of monkeys to place at strategically important spots so as to cover as much of the area as you can with your darts, boomerangs, bombs and other weapons that you will gradually unlock as you progress through the game. You will slowly build up your fire potential and become more and more defense-savvy with every level. However, you shouldn’t be too happy cause the gameplay will get just equally more complicated and the Bloons will get stronger as well!

Consider the weak spots of each Bloon type and crash the enemy army!

Just as you have a variety of monkey towers to use in the battle, Bloons also come in their own range. Aside from regular ones, there are those who can hide until they approach staying invisible to your warriors, and those with extra health that are really hard to shoot down, and those that freeze everything around when they explode, and what not. You have to really keep your tactical thinking sharp if you want to succeed in every battle. It might look like a game for children at first sight, but there is actually quite a lot of strategy and growth potential in it. So launch Bloons TD 5 online right now and get ready to battle away!

Bloons TD 5

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